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Make your own battle, with this replica of the famous T-65 “X-Wing” starfighter!

Star Wars
"It's a trap!"

Jumping in an X-Wing's cockpit is long awaited dream of mine. I started playing with a Darth Vader figurine when I was 6. Later on, came all the other figurines, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke... and the ships as well. The TIE-Fighter, the huge piece of plastic that is the Millenium Falcon. And the X-Wing. Even if the Falcon, and actually, a modified version of an YT-1400 named as the Outrider, remain my favourite ship, the X-Wing has a good place into my heart.
It was then all natural that the X-Wing had to go through a 3D conception.

Les Ailes X

The conception is one thing, but being accurate regarding a very famous ship is not an easy task. Using many artworks and blueprints was necessary to build this 3D asset from scratch on Cinema 4D. That is why I took also some liberties. Especially when I started designing it in a glassy version.

Fragile little X-Wing

Then I decided to turn it into a toy. And get it into a box. With a full packaging. Annnnnd the feels, man, the feels. It was like unboxing a real toy when I was a kid, mixed with the feels of watching an NFT stylized stuff.
Anyway, it was nice to work on, it was one of my first complex shape to do in 3D. I'm still proud of the result.

Black & White X-Wing Situation

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