Halo Lastlight

C4D, After Effect

Halo Starlight is concept art and animation done with Cinema4D and Octane Engine.


I wanted to imagine a mountain, where Master Chief (Major 117) would have crashed with a Pelican freighter. Him, walking alone, in the snow. That was the original pitch.

This helped me conceived an actual moutain decorum from scratch, modelling it and using it as the main character of this scene. The Major here, Master Chief, would be a good tool to measure the size of the scene and give perspective.

You can see how big are the mountains with the animation, slowly escaping away from the original Pelican crash site up to the full mountains view. And how small is the actual freighter.

I used Cinema 4D again to build up everything, I made some custom adaptation to bring snow effect to Major 117 Spartan model from Sketchfab done by HarrisonHag1.
I also used some Greyscale Gorilla materials and Octane Engine for lightning and rendering the scene.

You can download the images to use them as wallpapers. No commercial usage permitted.
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