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Recently, Tuto.com came to me to get some details about how I got to make 3D, and most especially, to talk about the program I have followed on their website. Check this out!


Hello Jérémy, to start this interview we would have liked you to introduce yourself and retrace your journey a little for our readers who will read you.

Hello, my name is Jérémy de Benedictis, also known as Kiklox both in my professional life (and especially the freelance part) and in my life as a gamer. The reality is that this nickname dates from a long time ago (2000 to be exact) when, at the height of my dozen years, I spent my days watching the Star Wars and Back to the Future trilogies over and over. But not only !

More than my knowledge of the world of popular cinema, which I would sharpen ten years later in a film school in Marne-la-Vallée, I spent most of my time on a Nintendo console, or discovered the twists and turns of the life of adult (metro-work-sleep) with Shenmue on Dreamcast. In short, the video game was in me from a very young age, having started with the Amstrad CPC 464 and Fruity Frank, this passion will never cease to guide me and make me who I am today.
With years of experience in writing reviews and other video game articles within the Jeux-Difference association and the Nintendo-Difference news site (where I am learning to use Photoshop 6.1 ), I quickly decide that it is high time to move up a gear. After a film school course, I specialize in graphic arts for a third year of license which will give me a taste for programming and design in general. I learn to film, to use After Effects and Premiere - even if it means make the professors of the time jiggle who swore only by Avid – and I then embarked on a Marketing & E-Business Master's degree within the INSEEC group to give meaning to my technical knowledge. Management, finance, anything goes to find a way to do what I love.
I then began my first experiences in business, mainly in project management. From Disneyland Paris to Ubisoft, my main activity will be to manage development teams, whether in web, mobile or video games. The profession of Technical Manager grew in me in a natural way – and it is surprising, for a former literary baccalaureate! – to the point where this desire to bring design back to the heart of my projects, or on the side, quickly arrives. , to this day, I feel like I have two lives in one. Kiklox, my nickname, also becomes the name of my company and the one I put on the creations that come out of my head. But not content to do web design, photography, videos or graphic charters galore, I feel that my bow is missing a big string.
And that's where Tuto.com comes in, when the Covid starts to cast its shadow over the world, I create a Youtube channel for fun called Les Mondes Impossibles. But limited by my technical knowledge in 3D, I can't do the content I have in mind. I find myself stupidly bumping into an .OBJ or .MTL file and don't understand anything about the interface of 3D software. I then decided to take the plunge, with a Tuto.com course that will change my life forever: the Motion Designer training.

Clearly, your CV is impressive. So we have a question. Why did you choose Tuto.com to train you?

> Check out the entire interview (in French) on Tuto.com

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