Dressilk® is a product of Prevor Laboratory, dedicated to help wounded people getting a care dressing with special capacities.

Print Design

Transparent, skin adaptive and very hygienic, it helps people to get through light wounds and heal the skin.

A logo, at first

At first I needed to focus on the logo, which was not defined yet. I have decided to build the logo based on the soft visual of the product. The double « S » defines perfectly the concept of the wound dressing.

And a full sales brochure

In order to attack the dressing market, Prevor asked me to design a sales brochure, A4 format, to explain the concept of Dressilk®. Working along the marketing team from the Laboratory, we managed to go over multiple mockups to finally get the deep blue brochure, which was sent to a professional printer to get up to thousands of printed copies.

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