Le Bistrot du JV

C4D, Octane, Photoshop

Le Bistrot du Jeu Vidéo (JV) is a french Youtube channel, one of the most important videogames channel in Europe, owned and presented by Julien Chièze, a videogame journalist and expert. Kiklox reimagined the set of the "bistrot", the coffee place that is shown in all the videos.


"Bienvenue au bistrot du jeu vidéo !"

Le Bistrot du Jeu Vidéo (JV) presented by Julien Chièze is a famous french channel on Youtube. But more than that, it brought intimacy and clever learning on what is the videogame spirit.
Compassion, open-minded comprehension of taste differences between players, analysis of the market and a strong passionate way of sharing the love of videogames.

C4D Image (3D) of The Bistrot du Jeu Vidéo
The Bistrot du JV, at least how I see it!

I am a strong follower of Julien Chièze, watching every Bistrot each morning of the week, better than a "Télématin" show to start the day, it helps me (with coffee) to get ready for what's coming next. Listening to the news, the updates, the conflicts, the changes in the videogame industry is something that always have been part of my life. I started a long time ago as a journalist, just like Julien, on the website Nintendo-Difference. Writing down reviews, previews, proper analysis of some specific topics in the Nintendo gaming universe, this is where I basically started loving writing. Writing but not only. I learnt how to code, I learnt how to design my articles. And time doing its business, in the end, I opened Photoshop for the first time, started working with HTML and CSS... and well. It was a start. It was in 2000. More than twenty years ago !

Julien Chièze is a guy I know about since Game One and Joypad. It was nice reading his reviews, understand his passion when talking during the Game Zone show with Juliette & Marcus. Wow. I sound like an old guy now! Not as old as you Julien - sorry for that - but at least you've got that for you, you shared and brought your passion in me at some point. So to thank you for that, I decided to reproduce, in a fantasy way of seeing it, the bistrot you present everyday. A 3D set, that I love to imagine, with consoles, games' assets such as Cloud's blade, R2-D2, a N64 version of Zelda Ocarina of Time, a Switch, and some Joypad magazines. A place where fun, information and compassion is living.

Julien Chièze (left) & AHL (right), two main faces of the videogame in France

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