Hill House

C4D, Canvas

Hill House is a 1 hour project including creation of a 3D Asset, generation of a 2D landscape with AI and compositing with Photoshop. Have a look!

Hill House is a project created under 60 minutes, using multiple softwares.

Starting with a drawing on a post-it, the idea was to force myself complete something using 3D, 2D and Artificial Intelligence to generate a replicable environment artwork.
Draw something out my mind with a potential scene. Let's go with a house, on top of a hill, with a big planet in the background, or something similar.
There goes the following creative flow. Cinema4D to create the house, in a limited time of 10 to 15 minutes. Then once the object is created, the idea is to conceptualize the landscape thanks to procedural artificial intelligence, so that it could be summer, winter or any kind of time/weather on this singular landscape.
To end this, editing and compositing all this on Photoshop. And wrap-up the project under 60 minutes end-to-end.

Hill House Drawing on a Post It
Original drawing on a post-it, on the fly

Cinema4D, NVIDIA Canvas, Photoshop

You can download the images to use them as wallpapers. No commercial usage permitted.
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